Knitwear care

To keep purchased hats, scarves, and gloves looking their best and retaining their properties, it’s essential to know how to care for them. Basic care information for most of our products can be found on the tag sewn inside, but we also recommend familiarizing yourself with the following information, which includes all necessary additional directions and suggestions for caring for Odyssey knitwear.

Care instructions applicable to all composition hats and other knitwear:

  • All knitwear should be washed in cold water.
  • The care instructions for knitwear are based on the item’s most significant percentage composition.
  • If the knitwear is very dirty or has a hard-to-clean stain, it is recommended to soak it in water with a suitable detergent, avoiding bleach, 1-2 hours before washing. This will facilitate the washing process and reduce the need to rub the stain.
  • If the hat has an attached pom-pom, remove it before washing. The pom-pom can be detached from the inside of the hat by untying the holding ribbons. After washing, it can be reattached using a crochet hook or a large sewing needle.
  • After washing, knitwear should not be hung up; instead, it should be laid flat on a towel or another absorbent material. Knitwear should not be dried on hot surfaces or with the help of hot air, as this can cause it to shrink.
  • After washing, knitwear should not be wrung out by hand, twisted, or spun on high speed in a washing machine, as this can distort or lose its shape. The safest way to remove excess moisture from clothing is to blot it off with a towel.

Wool and Merino Wool Care

Wool and merino wool products have natural thermal insulation and excellent breathability. These items require hand washing. Use a liquid laundry detergent designed for wool.

Care for Angora

Angora products are exceptionally soft and warm. To maintain the softness and appearance of angora wool, the items should be hand washed using a detergent designed for wool, or you could also use shampoo. In the first wash and until it, the knitwear may shed a little – this is normal. After the first wash, angora will no longer shed.

Care for Viscose, Cotton, and Synthetic Materials

Viscose, cotton, and synthetic materials are very durable during the washing process and are very easy to care for. Items can be safely washed in a washing machine, preferably with liquid detergent, using a gentle cycle.

Pom-Pom Care

If the pom-pom gets dirty during use, it can best be cleaned by removing it from the hat and, using a damp cloth and a little shampoo, gently wiping the stain. When washing the pom-pom, do not wet its internal, solid part. If the pom-pom has lost its fluffiness, it can be restored using an iron’s steam or a steamer. Hold the pom-pom at least 10 cm away from the heated surface and shake it lightly during steaming until the pom-pom regains its fluffiness.

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